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SD990c Main Contents


1- Atlas Modern Dictionary (English-Arabic) (Encyclopedic).
2- General (Arabic-English) Dictionary.
3- (English-English) Longman Dictionary.

4- New Animated Dictionary contains illustrations of various English words, life scenes and different situations.  
Handwriting Recognition: Enables direct writing on the remarkable touch screen.
Drill Function: To practice pronouncing English words and phrases correctly.
Language Basic English Words, Synonyms, Antonyms, Confusables, Shorties, English Examples and others.
Test your English/ Arabic Grammar through worksheets and tests.
A comprehensive encyclopedia that covers a lot of subjects in addition to Test Your Knowledge feature, Facts, Football World Cup & Olympics.
Organizer: Telephone, Schedule, Anniversaries, Memo and many other applications whose data can be transmitted to the PC through the PC Link USB cable.
Calculations: Scientific, Loan & Formulae Calculators, Metric Conversion, and other mathematical equations.
Games: A lot of edutainment games.
Memory: 12 MB available memory to store data.
Expansion Card: Ability to expand the memory size by using SD card (Optional).
Communication: Ability to transmit data to the PC through the PC Link USB cable, which allows fast and easy transmission.
Drill Function: Ability to record your voice and listen to it again.
MP3 Player: The user can listen to MP3 file while s/he is using other applications such as the encyclopedia and the grammar.
Photo Album: Ability to download photos and display them in natural size or according to the size of the device's screen.
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